I have just returned from a holiday in Spain and while there had a problem with very itchy eyes. Since my return the problem has disappeared. Do I need better sunglasses?


I don’t think that your sunglasses have anything to do with your eye problem. Eye irritation can happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you had a minor infection in the eyelids or alternatively the infection could have been located on the surface of the eye. It is also possible that you had an allergic reaction to dust, aerosols or pollens in the air. Perhaps your eyes became irritated from the seawater or swimming pool. Maybe you rubbed your eyes after putting some sun block on your skin and inadvertently put a trace of the cream on your eye. It might even have happened as a result of soap or shampoo getting into your eyes. Fortunately the problem has cleared up so no further action is needed. Getting a better pair of sunglasses is an unnecessary expense.