Driving Licences and Eyesight

Provisional licence

If you are applying for your first provisional licence, you must submit an eyesight report with your application. You can download the eyesight report form (D.502) from here.

Take this form to an optician or registered medical practitioner. Once they have completed it, you must sign it in their presence and submit it with your provisional licence application.

Renewing your licence

If you are renewing your licence and there has been any change to your eyesight since you got your last licence, you must go to your optician or a GP who will supply and fill in the appropriate form to say whether or not you need glasses for driving.

Your driver’s licence will then show this information. This means that if your licence says you need glasses for driving, you must always wear them when driving or you will be breaking the law.

Rules for eyesight and driving

The law says that to drive you must:

  • Have a visual acuity (with corrective lenses, where necessary) of at least 0.5 (6/12) when using both eyes together.
  • Your horizontal field of vision must be 150° or more.
  • If you have sight in one eye only, you must have a visual acuity (with corrective lenses, where necessary) of at least 0.6 (6/10), an unrestricted field of vision in the eye concerned and your monocular vision must have existed for enough time to allow you to adapt.

If you need to wear corrective lenses to meet these standards, your optician or GP must tick the form in the appropriate box.