450 kids with arthritis on waiting list

(03/05/2016) Almost 450 children with the painful joint disease, arthritis, are currently waiting to be seen by specialist doctors, Arthritis Ireland (AI) has said.

Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints that causes pain and immobility, ranging from mild to severe. In Ireland around 915,000 people, including 1,100 children, are living with the condition, making it the single biggest cause of disability here.

AI is highlighting some of the startling facts when it comes to children with this condition, as part of Children with Arthritis Awareness Month, which runs throughout May.

According to the charity, one in every 1,000 children in Ireland has arthritis and the condition can lead to much more than just joint pain. Other symptoms include fatigue, loss of vision, high temperature, muscle wastage and damage to joints.

AI emphasised the importance of early diagnosis in order to help avoid preventable joint damage and potential complications. However, it noted that there are currently 447 children in pain waiting to be seen by specialist doctors.

The charity also noted that 60% of parents surveyed said that the hardest part about their child having this condition is seeing them in pain, but not being able to do anything to help.

AI uses funds that it raises to help in a number of ways, including providing courses to children and their parents to show them how to live with the disease, and funding research to help find a cure.

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