Self-management of IBS

Although irritable bowel syndrome presents no serious danger to your health, it can be an embarrassing and difficult condition to deal with and can erode confidence. It can be hard to relax at work or socially when your symptoms are so unpredictable. The fear that you may have to dash for the toilet or could be struck by abdominal spasms can cause a high level of tension.

Getting a diagnosis and developing an understanding of IBS can remove some of the anxiety and ease symptoms. With the necessary knowledge, self-management of the condition and control of symptoms is possible. Ask your pharmacist or your doctor about over-the-counter medications that can alleviate your symptoms.

Keeping a food diary and a record of your stress levels can help identify what changes are needed to avoid attacks and how best to cope when attacks occur.

Sometimes lifestyle changes can greatly reduce your IBS outbreaks. And there are IBS remedies available in your pharmacy that are effective at relieving the symptoms of cramps, spasms and bloating.

You can download a useful stress diary by logging on here: Stress Diary

A food diary is available at: Food Diary